LED and 3D Screens Compared to LCD

LED screens

What’s this?

The LED screens are not a category of TV itself. They belong to the family of LCD screens . Their main difference lies in the fact that it uses diodes to include correct major drawbacks of the “standard” LCD media player screens .
Attention should be differentiated Edge LED Full LED screen. Edge LED screen for between 300 and 400 LED surround the perimeter of the screen and a light guiding plate which diffuses the light behind the slab.

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The Full LED is to have the entire LED rétroéclairant panel. It has more LEDs than “Edge LED” technology. The uniformity of brightness and contrast are better but the TV turns thicker.

Interests / benefits

In addition to the advantages of an LCD , the LED TV has other important interests.

  • The brightness is even more important for the quality of backlight
  • The contrast is much better than on a LCD screen . One approaches the quality of a screen Plasma without the match.
  • An LCD screen is more environmentally friendly and greener with lower power consumption (about 30% compared to a standard LCD TV )
  • The range of LED TV is becoming larger and tends to democratize.
  • The screens are also thinner and lighter design significantly improving the latest screens.


Even if prices fall, the LED screens are more expensive than LCD TV or Plasma

Why choose an LED screen? You want to be at the forefront of the technology? Are you looking for an exceptional picture quality? The design is a trigger for your purchase? So go for a LED screen !


As for LCDs, there are TV LED touch and connected. However, these have the characteristic of being equipped with 3D technology (passive or active).

Remember that?

Choose a flat screen is nothing simple. Plasma, LCD or LED , your selection must be done according to your use and instead you allocate to the TV in your home.

You are an experienced cinephile and swear by a large screen? The plasma is for you.

You’re a fan of zapping or video games? The LCD will delight you with its versatility.

You want to be at the forefront of design, technology and the environment? You’ll be thrilled with your LED TV.

Once your decision, other important criteria will be taken into account: connections, resolution, design, screen size, and of course the price. But the pleasure is worth it!

What about 3D?

3D technology can be found in these three types of technology.

If the LCD displays are the most versatile, ergonomic and affordable however, they have less deep blacks.

The LED screens are equipped with a high contrast ratio and an often elaborate design. Moreover, they prove less demanding in terms of power consumption.
Finally, Plasma screens also have their strong points: smooth image, brightness, large diagonal, optimal contrast ratio … However, they are particularly bulky.
Note that the lifetime of a plasma 3D is lower than that of other types of screens.

You should know that a good 3D TV has above all the qualities of an excellent 2D TV. Moreover, it is important to take into account the “refresh rate” in your choice. The latter determines the fluidity of the image, which is not negligible because the display should show two images of the same scene to provide a fluid 3D. Specifically, it is advisable to opt for a screen at a rate of at least 200 Hz …

Finally, a High Speed ​​HDMI allow the screen to receive fully 3D images it receives from a Blu-ray 3D Player or Home Theater 3D.