Beauty in the Health technology

In recent years the field of aesthetics has changed radically. Cabin treatments have gone from being a luxury available to few, or for specific occasions (weddings, christenings etc.) to be a necessity for all audiences. Our market has also been extended to the male audience.


The men and women of today, not just ask for a facial or a simple hair removal but few effective treatments to improve their appearance and therefore their quality of life. They are becoming more and more discerning connoisseurs of beauty treatments. Therefore, we as beauty professionals have an obligation to provide these services.

Physical appearance is very important in our society of high technology and new inventions , we need only compare the diversity of devices we use in our beauty centers today, with the appliances that were ten years ago.


As a beauty professional, I’ve noticed that our customers are increasingly asking to complete treatments. Treatments that can be tailored personally for each and give results that are outside and feel inside. This is where we discovered the Scio.


We know that our work is as beauticians “beautify the skin”. We use various cosmetic adapted to the needs of our customers. The results of our treatments unfortunately depends not only on our professionalism, experience and quality of the products used, but also on other factors such as age , lifestyle , personal hygiene, diseases , medical treatments, diet, etc.


The Scio gives us the ability to incorporate all the information of our client, to tailor treatments and thus make them individual, personalized, producing outstanding results. Our clients are diverse and each requires a personalized treatment. We see from young girls and boys, ladies and even older gentlemen. Obviously each has its peculiarities.


Every day in our cabins we can see from a young girl right weight, but excessive accumulation of adipose tissue in a specific area of the body to a lady with hormonal changes related to age, with dehydrated skin or couperosis and every client seeks an effective solution. We offer body treatments, facials, firming,  hydrating, purifying treatments, reducers, peels, anti -aging , detox facial treatments and many more , using a world of cosmetics, we must use properly for each case.


To make successful treatments, we have to take into account other factors, not just what we can see with our own eyes. Each and every one of our clients is unique and, therefore, what treatments should also be. If we do this right, we can do our job as well as beauticians and meet the expectations of our customers.


Beauty treatments

The esthetician is a professional with skills to spare formed to help with bioresonance and thus incorporate the latest technology in their field health. The software has a section Scio aesthetic that encompasses endless possibilities to solve aesthetic problems can be as wrinkles, warts, cellulite solution and adipocytes. It also offers a number of treatments among which potentiation of the muscles of the face, in cases where the client suffers sagging, lifting biofeedback, i.e. improved skin appearance at all levels.


Within the skin rejuvenation we can work spots, bags, muscle strengthening on cheeks, lips, breast augmentation, facelift, improved appearance of scars, sagging … substantially improve the beauty of skin. Increased buttock, antiaging treatment, systemic treatment of cellulite and neck. This or this technique has no side effects for the client is comfortable, painless, non-invasive and relaxing.



The cosmetic industry has a strong team of professionals covering different areas in this field increasingly strengthening their training. They also have support in the aspect of training, since there are courses such as graduate Fisioestetica for physiotherapists. It has so many professionals ranging from physicians who are dedicated to beauty, physiotherapists, acupunctures, etc. There are even general practitioners working aesthetics.


For therapists who are dedicated to aesthetics, look after the condition of the skin, musculature, etc. cellulite work as a pathology, which is lipodystrophy. The Scio is focused on natural health, because as many know, do not use invasive techniques in their treatment.


Responding to the demand of professionals involved in the field of aesthetics, is preparing a plan of study for the esthetician training, both in the field of bioresonance biofeedback, as in cosmetology used. At present there is a boom showing some statistics with data like this: the facet of education is promoted beautician own request, eager to enter new fields that offer cutting-edge technology to work.


Therefore, at the request of the professionals working in the aesthetic, we saw the need to create a plan of training studies; the entire application can give Scio aesthetics, both men and women.


The Scio is a system that captures biofeedback – bioresonance frequencies bioelectric information in our body to physical, mental and emotional level, balancing those frequencies that are not stable and are the justification for the changes that we can feel.


At the same time, once grasped the altered frequency, by a system of feedback – Biofeedback (capturing the frequency and correcting), got his balance with the customer satisfaction. Have 500 screens and 72 different therapies which make it a very versatile work tool with great potential. Given the scale in capturing frequencies have different workspaces.


This system is being used with great success in Spain from about ten years ago. It is geared for their professional: doctor, physiotherapists, psychologists, naturopaths, osteopaths, MTC, DUE, educators and aesthetics, among others.


Health technology benefits granted to SMEs


Today, the governments of developing countries recognize the importance of SMEs for their contribution to economic growth, employment generation as well as the regional and local development. Small and medium enterprises, SMEs are particularly important to national economies, not only for their contributions to the production and distribution of goods and services, but also the flexibility to adapt to technological change and great potential for employment generation. Are an excellent way to boost economic development and a better distribution of wealth?


SMEs in Mexico constitute 97 % of all businesses, generating employment for 79% of the population and generate income at 23% of gross domestic product (GDP), the above is a clear signal that we must pay attention to this these businesses and see them for what they really are: the base of the Mexican economy. (INEGI, 2005)


These come with the widest range of production orders, traders and service and have the tendency to perform independent activities that are related to larger firms, and thus suffering the influence of these typically submit , minimizing their chances of development or establish an interdependence.


In the global community in which we live, small and medium enterprises need go into information technology so that they can develop. The problem is that there are a wide variety of companies, for example, selling to the final consumer, or selling commodities or sophisticated products. For any company, there are many benefits, but also challenges to face. The most important thing is to first identify them to be aware of the meaning of information technologies and see the way in which these are aligned with business strategy.


The incorporation of new tools occurs more by imitation than by strategic approaches. We must learn to take advantage of its usefulness. Small businesses lack the technical staff to design, implement and develop applications of information technology. “All show great interest in information and related technologies, however, are unaware of available technologies, how to access it, how to use it and what the benefits of using it are.


Information technologies are trying to implement in large companies as a business strategy, but SMEs are harder to convince because this represents costs, or at least what they think. Small businesses are usually managed by their owners and make a decision on technologies where this is not your business, then you may not understand all the benefits of this change.


Besides the lack of costs and benefits, not the options available or choose the best hardware and software required for each company are known, especially when you do not have a department or at least one person within the company dedicated exclusively to this area. The e-commerce and the internet are not the only way to incorporate ICT into a business big or small it may be.


Avoid viruses, have better communication and better control are some of the possibilities offered by information technology. In some cases only ICTs are seen as a possible future competitive advantage, but in others, a weapon so that your competitors do not take out the small business market.

Technology benefits granted to SMEs:


Fast processes

Easier communication, faster and more easily, improving response time and eliminating communication barriers

Cost reduction

More automated processes that can help reduce human errors

Best service

Improving the effectiveness and efficiency in the execution of processes


Support SMEs of the local people’s entrepreneurs to present and sell their products over the Internet.

Increased Competitive Advantage

Offer new ways of working

The increase in the production and dissemination of new technologies and opportunities that companies have access to knowing and using


Usually the problem is not the technology but the fear of change. Pressure for this change can arise by suppliers and customers, not only from competitors. When large suppliers or customers, and integrated technologies, the company must have to adopt to streamline transactions and communication.


Although the idea we have about the little opportunity for small firms to have information technology, the mentality is changing and an increase in sales of these products is expected for 2006. Fortunately, companies dedicated to developing these technologies have realized that small businesses also need to evolve and have options for every twist and budget.

Before purchasing a product of information technology, one needs to have information about the product and, if possible, consult with an expert, whether internal to the company or a consultant. Although the first thing you should do is think about exactly what is sought as a benefit to the business and not to buy something that was not used. SMEs should start implementing information technologies since they offer many benefits and are something that should be built into the company to continue the development of business.