The Rising Number of Egg Donations

In the last ten years the number of egg donors have risen sharply. In the wake of the emancipation of women and their dilemma of having to choose between motherhood and professional life, and as well that the age of mothers has increased when she has birth of their first child. In Spain it is currently 31.6 years. By this postponement of motherhood, the possibility of pregnancy is still there, but is now lower. One way to solve this problem is through egg donation. A higher life expectancy and a certain rejuvenation of the Company (the 40s are the new 30s) cause a perfectly healthy, attractive and relatively young woman who wants to be a mother, but is much more difficult to achieve. Even if you do not consider her body, noted that that the woman is over 40, and with it the eggs. “There are many women who want to be more than 40 years old and a mother, therefore they elect to egg donation, ” said Lorena Lopez, clinic coordinator in ProcreaTec. In these cases, the eggs from a donor can be a great help, an altruistic gesture, which is increasingly common in Spain. The reasons are different, according to the experts: easier access to information on the procedure, the postponement of motherhood on the part of women and the real need for it.

Little baby Margareth

Here not only the demand for the egg donation, but more and more young women to hear about it. “At the beginning I was quite impressed with all this, but I’ve finally done it and will even do it again,” one donor told the Madrid clinic ProcreaTec . “I will also tell my friends of it, because I think it is a great gesture to people who can not have children. In addition, the financial aspect is interesting, ” she adds. Spain and the United States are the world leaders in the donation of organs and oocytes. This is related, because in other countries of the European Union and abroad have either very strict criteria that anonymity is not protected by law, or no financial compensation for the donor exists.

The procedure of egg donation here is simple. First, the ovaries are stimulated by the use of hormone therapy. Once the eggs are mature, they are – in a 15-minute procedure – removed. Donors must be 18-30 years old and before the egg donation through a series of psychological tests and medical checks, which determines their health and their fertility rate.

“People who want a child, do not miss out for financial reasons. Probably the number of treatments is therefore in the absence of this capacity in public health in the private sector grow, “explains Jennifer Rayward, Head of ProcreaTec Clinic . , the private fertility clinics in Spain has consolidated its status in the international comparison for years . So each year thousands of patients are due to the treatments offered but also because of the excellent physicians and embryologists in the country.

Photo Credit: Olya Batishcheva