5 Tips for Analyzing a Car

How do you analyze a used car to make certain it is up to par? It can seem difficult but with a few tips it’s not as hard as you think. Recently we had to used these tips to purchase a used car St George Utah for my son as his used car had broken down on him. Here are a few pointers for you to try.

1. How do I know if the car of my choice has ever had an accident?

This task is relatively difficult for the lay person – especially if the repair were real professionals at work. But most of them are rather expensive cars affected. For cheap cars to pay an expensive repair to cover up the accident is barely useful. However, you should be suspicious, even if only one of the following things you see or experience: – The paint is different light or dark in some places – There are paint traces in places where no other paint (eg the strut, to rubber seals, etc.) – it’s different on the inside of the doors, hood or trunk lid. – There are extremely different gap dimensions at eg doors or bumpers – The straight line of the car is not good (can also only have been a sharp move to the curb – but better safe than sorry).

Mustang 5.0
Photo Credit: Brett Levin

2. What wording in the contract of sale should make me suspicious?

It becomes dangerous when, for example, a trader wants to write “without warranty” in the purchase contract. If the dealer wants to pull out of his responsibility, all the alarm bells should be ringing. Also a phrase that is taken is always like, “As seen and test driven.” As can later be said quickly, “That was already on the test drive so”.

3. How do I know if the mileage has been tampered with?┬áThe manipulation of the mileage is harder and less of a problem these days. When cars still had half the dash to be expanded with an analog odometer it’s possible, but in the new cars with computer odometers it is fairly difficult. But if someone changes the mileage from 287,000 to 160,000, it is quite difficult to find out. The best indication here is the wear of the interior. In a car with 70,000 miles pedals, shift knob and seats are still in pretty good condition. Are the seats already sat through and recognize no more grooves on the pedals, it is better to choose a different car or another dealer.

4. How important is a service book?

Most important when buying a used car is the service record. Here you can see at a glance how well the car was maintained? Especially in relatively new cars, there should definitely be a service issue. Even better, it is, of course, if even the original bills with it. Despite existing service book you should be suspicious if the stamp for the inspections of the same traders who sold the car and the stamp from year to year is weaker, the signature is always the same and the pen color and intensity is the same.

5. The car has been my choice over 100,000 mi – that’s too much?

The mileage alone does not say much about the car and out of the state. It is more important to see the conditions here. Was the previous owner, a representative who is driven mainly long stretches of motorway and the car has always been on time for service, it is often better than a car with 40,000 miles that have been put back only in stop and go traffic. every 100,000 miles, you should but also pay attention to whether wearing parts have been replaced. Is not the case, will be added over the next several thousand kilometers lot to repair. You should also check with exactly how many kilometers costly replacement of consumables such as a belt is necessary.